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MD: It was fun, and also a little surreal, to imagine the characters from the old series all grown up. Everyone always assumes my bald head was the inspiration for young Aang, so when it came time to draw forty-year-old Aang, Bryan took one look at my beard and worked it into the design. Maybe someday I’ll look as tall and buff as Aang. 
JDS: Sokka and Toph were my absolute two favorite characters in the
Avatar universe, and while i had nothing to do with their older redesigns, as a fan I was super excited to see what Il-Kwang and Jin-Sun came up with. You’ll notice Toph wearing the early version of the Metalbenders’ cable harness. I think the designers really knocked it out of the park. How cool was it to see all these characters you know and love as adults?!
Designs by Ki-Hyun Ryu, Il-Kwang Kim, and Jin-Sun Kim. Color by Sylvia Filcak-Blackwolf. 


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